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  • George Washington and Eliza Hebron Stith
    • This is George Washington Stith, from Vicksburg. He grew up a slave and despite all odds, became a very important contributor to the welfare of African-Americans in Mississippi.
  • ID and Amelia Freeman Shadd
    • ID was a printer, educator, statesman and Amelia was a teacher and school administrator. Their contributions to the African-American community in Canada and in Mississippi was truly exceptional.
  • Alston Mygatt
    • Alston Mygott was a patriot, loyal to the Union despite living in Vicksburg during the war. He was a major figure during Reconstruction. He worked for public education in the state and sought legislation to benefit and protect the rights of Freedmen and Freedwomen despite villification by local whites and the press.


African-American History Links

School Yearbooks


  • Bureau of Ships Yearbook, 1945
    • This yearbook contains a wonderful collection of photos of those working at the Bureau of Ships in Washington, DC during WWII. A large number of African-Americans were employed and are in the group photos. What's more, they are identified!
  • New Orleans Slave Auction
    • Heartwrenching account of slave austin in New Orleans published in the Provincial Freeman in Chatham, Canada by the Shadds.